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‘Sophie just finished directing Toronto’s mandate for AC Odyssey. Sophie is now proficient in working in the game-world, and I am happy to refer her to you. She is great to work with and makes her talent feel very comfortable, getting the best possible performance out of them, even considering the ancient Greek Accent. As an added bonus, Sophie is Bilingual – French and English. ‘

ROSANNE HOWELL Ubisoft Toronto

“Sophie Ann is a consummate professional and a very astute voice director . You can trust her judgement and just do your job .”


“Quite frankly put, Sophie is one of the best directors I've ever worked with across the board.  Great at communicating motivation, texture, depth and color to the actor so that the work is elevated to the very best possible place. Art. Because that's what our trade is. Art. A joy to work with and a true talent.”


“...I did watch Fallen Fighter and found it very good... dense and interesting.... Truffaut used to say that you could see all of the films of a filmmaker in the first few feet of film he shot... so, as an inauguration to your life as a filmmaker, Fallen Fighter is the promise of very intense-complex-aesthetic-sensitive cinematic world.... so, just keep on doing it...”


"Sophie’s intuition has undoubtedly guided me to where I am in my career today; the roles that I was challenged with in class have directly prepared me for opportunities that I have been able to accept, dive into and succeed in."




Sophie Ann Rooney worked as



as well as

  • Procedural

  • AI

  • DLCs

  • The Fate of Atlantis

  • Story-Packs

  • ONOS

  • Marketing Trailers 


* The Game Awards 2018 - Game of the Year/ Best Art Direction / Best Performance / Best Action/Adventure Game

* BAFTA - Best Game / Best Performance

* Best of E3

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E3 Trailer also directed by Sophie Ann Rooney


Awards/Nomination cont.

  • NAMM TEC -Best Interactive Entertainment Sound Production

  • Games Critics Award -Best Console Game / Best Adventure game 

  • Gamescom 2018 - Best Role-playing game/ Best Console Game

  • Golden Stick Awards - Ultimate Game of the Year

  • Gamer's Choice Awards - Fan Favourite/ Fan Favourite Single player/ Fan favourite character of he year/ Fan Favourite male voice actor / Fan Favourite female voice actor

Launch Trailer directed by Sophie Ann Rooney

  • Titanium Awards - Game of the year/ Best Artistic Design (won)/ Best narrative design/ Best performance/ Best Adventure Game

  • 2019 G.A.N.G Awards - Audio of the year

  • 30th GLAAD Media Awards - outstanding Video Game

  • Italian Video Game Awards - Game of Year / Best Character 

  • Gamesradar+ listed 25th/100 best game of the decade

Power of Choice Trailer directed by Sophie Ann Rooney

  • Australian Games Awards - RPG of the Year / Action/Adventure Title of the Year / Game of the year

  • New York Game Awards - Statue of Liberty Award for Best World

  • D.I.C.E Awards - Outstanding Achievement in Character/ Outsanding Achievement in Story

  • Writers Guild of America Awards 2018 - Outstanding Achievement in Videogame writing

  • National Academy of Video Games Trade Reviewer Awards- Animation: Artistic/Technical, Art Direction, Costume Design, Franchise, Original Score/ Use of Sound

Legacy of First Blade Trailer directed by Sophie Ann Rooney