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"Truffaut used to say that you could see all of the films of a filmmaker in the first few feet of film he shot... so, as an inauguration to your life as a filmmaker, Fallen Fighter is the promise of very intensely‐complex aesthetic sensitive cinematic world.... so, just keep on doing it...”

Paolo Barzman
Director | Showrunner | Ride, Wynonna Earp, ‘Emotional Arithmetic’| CANADA


Festival Circuit | Distribution | Awards


Starring Phillipe Bas,

with Jeanne Allard, David Felix, Okon Jones, Lyana Saleh 

& Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre.


Fight Choreographer Alain Figlarz

The Bourne Identity | Taken 2 | Scorpion


The story of a professional boxer, his daughter, and what it means to be a true "fighter." When an unexpected tragedy occurs, Frank and his daughter Rosie must rely on each other as they battle inner turmoil and emotional conflict. In the world of personal fighting, what must you sacrifice to win?

“ [...] Philippe Bas...son physique solide et ses aptitudes sportives le mènent au polar et à l'action [...] et pour des courts métrages musclés comme FALLEN FIGHTER de Sophie Ann Rooney, [...] ” CANAL + | FRANCE

“ [...] I was very impressed - it's beautifully shot and incredibly atmospheric.”

Julia Walsh | Head of Development | London Drama | ITV

“ [...] your film is wonderful. [..] I truly think that you are a very good Film-maker, very sensitive [...] I'll be waiting to see more of your beautiful work...” Ula Tabari | Actor | ‘Munich’ 

WINNER - Kodak Award - Paris (2).png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Chicago International Childrens Film Festival.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Chicago International REEL Shorts Festival.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Whistler International Film festival (1).png

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Canada | United Kingdom | European Union

' [ ... ] all storytelling, at its core, documents humanity. I was fascinated by how life is presented in films, [...] I watched Stanley Kubrick’s films when I was 8 years old: Barry Lyndon is a three-and-a-half-hour movie you would never expect a kid to like, but I loved it. Each individual frame of the film; it was a series of paintings brought to life on the screen. The actor who inspired me most was River Phoenix in Stand by Me. He found the character’s heart-beat, and I could hear it. The depth and life of Kubrick’s films and Phoenix’s humanity: those were the initial sparks that made me want to be a filmmaker.' 

CINEFEMME MAGAZINE - journalist Jennifer Reddon 

'...To say that Rooney is busy is an understatement. In our conversation, Rooney gets candid about the struggles she faces as a female director and offers critical advice to aspiring filmmakers.'
May 2023  Edition Toronto 


Sophie Ann Rooney is a writer, filmmaker, actor known for her work as a director for the film Fallen Fighter, and Netflix's series Daniel Spellbound which she also served as casting director. Ubisoft's ASSASSIN'S CREED ODYSSEY was considered for a BAFTA Award for Performance and received numerous awards including nomination for Game Of The Year in 2018.  Sophie's Fallen Fighter was awarded the Kodak award for Best Film, screened globally at over 20 film festivals, including Oscar Qualifying Chicago International Children's Film Festival and became a part of the Chicago school board's film studies program, and Sophie continues to direct music videos and has several film & tv projects in development. 

As an actor, Sophie is known for her work as Margot in CTV Sci-fi Channel | Prime Video's GRAND STAR directed by Paolo Barzman. Her theatre highlights include the Paris premiere The Glory of Living by Rebecca Gilman,  Where's My Money? by John Patrick Shanley and The Real Inspector Hound by Tom Stoppard.

Sophie was born in Aix-En-Provence, France
, and love for film comes from the countless hours as a family going to the cinema and watching Canal +.  Sophie was introduced to acting/coaching by Italian-American actress Amy Werba, who soon became her mentor. Sophie travelled to the UK on scholarship to attend The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama and Oxford School of Speech & Drama, returning to Paris to study at L'Atelier de Blanche Salant,  and to attend the prestigious international film school of Paris - EICAR. Sophie is heavily featured in Werba's book 'Be Your Own Coach' - The Drama Book Shop NY.  Sophie has worked with Korn producer Ross Robinson as a session singer for french rock-hip-hop group Enhancer for their tour with Limp Bizkit, and worked as a performance coach for Moulin Rouge Premiere dancers, and bands including The Great Lake Swimmers. 

Sophie was the founding artistic director & owner of Sterling Studio Theatre, where she actively contributed to the company's mission to be a creative hub for artists. Producing 23 plays in the span of 2.5 years and being the launchpad for her friends' company Blood Brothers Brewing. Sophie's coaching career commenced at The American University of Paris, through Vancouver and landing in Toronto where she, with several coaches, shares what she knows to continue to launch the careers of many Toronto actors and directors at RAW Actor Studio Inc. as the founder-coach.

International Film school of Paris-Eicar | Atelier de Blanche Salant | Valerie Landsburg 
accredited Lee Strasberg's protege Amy Werba 
The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama | Oxford School of Speech & Drama

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