• ​ The Game Awards 2018 - Game of the Year/ Best Art Direction / Best Performance / Best Action/ Adventure Game

  • BAFTA - Best Game / Best Performance

  • Best of E3


  • NAMM TEC -Best Interactive Entertainment Sound Production

  • Games Critics Award -Best Console Game / Best Adventure game 

  • Gamescom 2018 - Best Role-playing game/ Best Console Game


  • Golden Stick Awards - Ultimate Game of the Year

  • Gamer's Choice Awards - Fan Favourite/ Fan Favourite Single player/ Fan favourite character of he year/ Fan Favourite male voice actor / Fan Favourite female voice actor

  • Titanium Awards - Game of the year/ Best Artistic Design (won)/ Best narrative design/ Best performance/ Best Adventure Game


  • 2019 G.A.N.G Awards - Audio of the year

  • 30th GLAAD Media Awards - outstanding Video Game

  • Italian Video Game Awards - Game of Year / Best Character 


  • Gamesradar+ listed 25th/100 best game of the decade

  • Australian Games Awards - RPG of the Year / Action/Adventure Title of the Year / Game of the year

  • New York Game Awards - Statue of Liberty Award for Best World


  • D.I.C.E Awards - Outstanding Achievement in Character/ Outsanding Achievement in Story

  • Writers Guild of America Awards 2018 - Outstanding Achievement in Videogame writing

  • National Academy of Video Games Trade Reviewer Awards- Animation: Artistic/Technical, Art Direction, Costume Design, Franchise, Original Score/ Use of Sound



Fallen Fighter

  • Kodak Award Best Picture/ Best Director

  • Officially selected at over 20 film festivals including Academy award contender Chicago Int. Children's Film Festival, Whistler Int. Film Festival, St Petersburg.

  • Fallen Fighter was officially made part of Chicago highschool curriculum.

Bollywood Beckons

  • worked with actors Agam Darshi & Stephen Lobo

  • Officially selected at festivals across the globe winning in New York


Undisclosed Feature in development with producer attachment.


Sophie Ann Rooney worked as



as well as

  • Procedural

  • AI

  • DLCs

  • The Fate of Atlantis

  • Story-Packs

  • ONOS

  • Marketing Trailers 

Nominations/Awards (click to view all awards/nominations):

* The Game Awards 2018 - Game of the Year/ Best Art Direction / Best Performance / Best Action/Adventure Game   

* BAFTA - Best Game / Best Performance

* Best of E3

E3 Trailer also directed by Sophie Ann Rooney